Scopes and Calibers: What about the .308?

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While choosing any hunting rifle, you will find a wide variety of varied calibers that you can pick from. If you happen to be a huntsman without the necessary experience, the caliber can be defined to you as the dimension or measurement of the external diameter of a bullet or the internal diameter of a rifle barrel. Read on and get some tips about calibers and scopes as well as know about the best scope for .308 rifles.

Understanding the Caliber – How Does it Affect Shots?

  1. The greater the caliber of a gun, the higher is its stopping power and the shots are also more difficult to be controlled. For bigger animals, a weapon of higher caliber is necessary. However, while using it, shooters will also experience a kick due to the recoil from a high-caliber gun.
  2. Keep in mind that the hole created in the target is going to be bigger with a gun of higher caliber. Due to this reason a proper type of rifle has to be picked on the basis of what kind of beast you are trying to shoot. A .22 caliber can be good enough for taking down small-sized animals such as small deer, foxes, hares, rabbits and wildfowl. In order to offer greater penetration and range, the bullets or loads for the guns can be different. Although a standard load can be enough for hunting wild fowls, a heavier load can be ideal for shooting foxes.
  3. You would wish to go for a rifle of higher caliber, such as .308, .270 or .303. Rifles of such calibers can allow cleaner and better shots to hunt larger animals. You can get loads (bullets) in different sizes. If you wish to hunt bigger animals, these are the best calibers to use.
  4. While swapping bullets, especially on rifles with optical scopes, you will have to recalibrate the scope in case you switch to another weapon. Varied trajectory paths are produced by varied loads. Unless the scope is reset, the accuracy might be lost over longer ranges.
  5. While hunters can have rifles of varied calibers and guns of different types, it is important for you to pick a suitable rifle according to what you wish to use it for as well to which caliber you would like to upgrade to. This is especially true when you are a beginner and starting with hunting.

Best Scopes for .308 Caliber Rifle

It was in 1952 that the .308 Winchester was released in the market for the first time. Today, it has become one of the most famous cartridges across the globe. Since 1952, this cartridge has been seen in use in all types of weapons, whether in sniper rifles or in military-grade machine guns or even the most basic single-shot rifles for hunting purposes. It is used today in everything from well-built bolt action rifles for hunting as well as in varied semi-automatic variants of famous rifles. If you are looking for the best scope for .308 rifle, here are 4 options to consider.

UTG SWAT Compact Rifle Scope

It is sophisticated and one of the most appropriate tactical scopes in its size for .308 rifles. It consists of many advanced features, such as target turrets, built-in sunshade, fully coated lenses, illuminated bullet drop reticle and sealed nitrogen purged tube. It is built to be rain, fog and shock proof and has been offered with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This is a tough scope which comes at an astonishingly low cost. This is a sophisticated tactical .308 scope which can also serve well on traditional bolt action rifles. For those on the hunt for a feature-loaded but inexpensive .308 scope for their rifle, this is just the affordable option to consider.

Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Scope

This is a safe buy, and a Leupold scope never goes wrong. High quality, attention to minute details and lifetime warranty are some of the best things about scopes from this manufacturer. The Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Scope is one of the most suitable .308 scopes which consist of an argon gas – nitrogen purged tube equipped with a big objective lens of 40 mm, 3 – 9 power magnification and optimal fog-proof safeguarding. Despite this being a quality offering, it is affordable in price tag.

The Nikon M .308 Tactical Scope

This is undoubtedly one of the best scopes to consider. It can compete against the best Leopold scopes in the market when it comes to performance and quality. The scope is constructed about the .308 cartridge and consists of compatible turrets for 7.62 NATO and .308 ammunitions, custom precision reticle, well-coated optics to allow maximum transmission of light, heavy-duty single piece construction and 4 – 16 power magnification.

There is also a special type of scope mount of 20 MOA, which can allow taking down targets at larger than normal ranges through precise angling of the right scope and aiming shots of over the whole trajectory of the ammo.

The FSI Sniper Kit

It comes from the prestigious manufacturer FSI and is highly powerful. There is objective lens of 50 mm, 6 – 24 power magnification and green or red illuminated reticle. It is offered with mounting rings and also a sunshade. A complete kit, it can be installed readily on almost any .308 weapon. The illuminated reticle is possibly one of the most suitable features of this sight, and it lets shooters to see the reticle even in dim-lit areas – which makes it perfect to fit over hunting rifles.

Eco-Friendly Driving Tips: Save on Fuel, Health and Environment

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eco driving

Cars are blamed for significant air pollution, and rightly so. These produce CO2 from the exhaust pipes, which pollute the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Emissions of carbon dioxide are held as one of the biggest culprits for change in climate. The less fuel that you burn the more you can save the environment as well as your health and expenses. Irrespective of whether you are operating a CNG, hybrid or compact car, the following tips will help you to make an eco-friendly choice. (click here to see some examples of green hybrid appliances)

Look for High MPG car

Go for a vehicle which has a high MPG (miles per gallon), which is what mileage is calculated in. You should also look for low GPM or gallons per mile. The lower the GPM, the better it will be for you. The lower the amount of gasoline that your car consumes, the more number of miles will be covered and the greater will be the savings.

Plan your trip well

Before you begin a trip, make plans well as know the roads properly. This will prevent needless driving and unnecessary wastage of fuel. When the weather conditions are bad, such as during heavy rain or in harsh winter, you should check the condition of the road beforehand.

Keep windows closed well

When you are driving at high speeds such as while driving on the highways, you need to keep the windows closed tightly. If windows are open, there will be more drag and the engine will have to work more. This will result in greater fuel consumption.

Do not overfill your tires

Always check the pressure of your car tires before driving and do not fill them more than is necessary. When tires get hot after driving for some distance, they need space to expand and you have to keep this in account. You can end up lowering your mileage due to over-inflated tires.

Do not drive with soft tires

You should also skip driving when your car tires are soft. While tires are soft and do not have sufficient PSI pounds every square inch, you will find your vehicle consuming more energy for driving and maintaining proper speeds. The fuel emissions will be enhanced as a result. A study by the Carnegie Mellon University has found that most vehicles running on roads are filled just 80% to capacity and filling the tires to a proper pressure can give a 3.3% boost to the fuel efficiency. This also makes driving safer.

Alternatives to Oil: Meet the Substitutes

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gas station

Motor oil comes is sourced from fossil fuel, but the steady depletion of the natural resource has led to petrol and diesel becoming costlier and the latest oil spills have added to ecological worries. Emissions from motor oil are unhealthy and also damaging for the environment anyway. Quite understandably, a lot of companies are trying to find alternative ways to produce eco-friendly substitutes for motor oil.


There is minimum of 10% ethanol in standard gasoline used in American vehicles since the time the U.S wished to reduce its dependability on oil from foreign shores. However, unless the right type of motor oil is utilized, there can be oxidation of engine components due to acids developed as a result of ethanol.

Animal-Based Oil

G-Oil is a special type of soil sourced from animal body by Green Earth Technologies. The company has been selling 2-cycle as well as 4-cycle 10W30 oil in lawn mowers and small tractors. It has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute as a Biodegradable Oil. It is extracted from fat that is obtained after slaughtering cows.

Coconut Oil

This is an eco-friendly fuel which does not result in black smoke, and comes at a lower cost than standard diesel fuel. A blend of diesel and coconut oil is used in mini-buses plying on the South Pacific Island, and a higher tax had to be paid by operators for using this blend. However, pure coconut oil is non-taxable.

Vegetable oil

Many researchers are fiddling with oils extracted from vegetables and trying to make them motor oil substitutes. Canola oil has been used by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension to produce a type of lubricant which is eco-friendlier than standard motor oil. Canola oil is used for powering motor vehicles in many nations. However, some U.S states are still in the stage of negotiations to use it in state-owned cars.